Our Clients

DPM Cosmetic Services Showcase - KBA Rapida 106

Intensive Hand-Cleaning of KBA Rapida 106

Grafitime, Portugal – 2x Heidelberg CD74’s

CD74-5P (2014) & CD74-5+L (2018)

Negoimpresos 2007 MAN Roland R505+LV

From Helsinki, Finland to Mexico City

The Ink Spot, South Africa – 2 Machines!

2x Heidelberg CD102-5+L Delivered & Installed

Kozak Druk, Poland - Heidelberg SM74-5+L

2x Heidelberg CD102-5+LX Delivered & Installed

2016 RMGT-9 8-colour LED UV

SRA1 Format - Rebuilt & Tested at DPM

Komori LS640P – France to Portugal

Via DPM Refurbishment Center

DPM Cosmetic Services Showcase - Heidelberg CD74

Full Cleaning & Repainting of a CD74

Hirt & Carter, South Africa – KBA Rapida 162

Delivery, Installation & Training

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