The summer is bright for DPM

The summer is upon us and there are a lot of bright shoots of light for DPM and the wider world to aim at.
At the moment we are still progressing along the roadmap for easing coronavirus restrictions so if we keep to that path, we can start seeing some more normality in our day to day business practices in the very near future.
In the meantime, DPM has been working hard to maintain and push our existing high standards to new levels and we have been delighted to bring a couple of new customers on board in the past month or so.
While we are seeing more customers wanting to come and see printing machinery in the flesh, global travel is still obviously very difficult. This is why it has been so important to embrace the benefits that remote working and technology have provided for DPM and our customers.

Embracing technology

What the pandemic has meant is that everybody has had to embrace technology. A lot of our work consisted of physical engineering checks with our customers, so we have had to find a different method of conducting these inspections while everybody has been stuck at Home.
Recently we carried out a Zoom inspection on a Komori 540 with a coater that we needed to ship to South America. 
The Company’s board of directors were able to gather around a camera and with the use of a translator, we were able to conduct an inspection of the machinery with the customer. There was also a Printer and an engineer in Europe so it was a transcontinental call to ensure the printing machine was in good working order.
Checks included print tests, samples and technical questions that lasted around an hour and a half and after this inspection was conducted, our customer was happy to proceed.
Another printing machine sold recently was a Heidelberg B1 six-colour with coater for one of our Italian customers. We were able to give a demonstration of its capabilities and went through the machine with a fine toothcomb. After a two and a half hour inspection, we had another happy customer without actually seeing them in the flesh thanks to the wonders of Zoom and technology.
We are sure that when the world returns to normal, we will be carrying out physical examinations of machinery on a more consistent basis. But it is great to know that we have an excellent alternative in the event that travel is not possible for certain customers.

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