RMGT 9 Series: the success story spanning more than a decade

Reliability, versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness. These are just some of the words often associated with the RMGT 9 Series - and for good reason too. 
Since its launch back in 2008, the RMGT 9 Series has quickly become a stalwart of the printing press market, making it one of the most popular machines to buy Year after Year. Available in two model Types - the 920 and 940 - these machines have emerged as the go-to machinery for commercial printing businesses due to their excellent print quality, speed and accuracy. 
Previously these machines were only available as B1 presses, but now these SRA1 presses can print at twice the size or twice the speed as their predecessors and represent a significant cost-saving for commercial businesses. 
Having merged operations in 2014, RMGT combines the reputable engineering philosophies of two of the biggest manufacturers in Ryobi and Mitsubishi, to create an industry-leading press range. Here’s why: 

A step above B1 presses

These SRA1 presses are renowned the world over for the unrivalled print quality, speed and accuracy they offer. Capable of printing 16,200 sheets per hour, it’s a press that’s compatible with high volume industries without compromising on overall finishing quality. But the speed and accuracy at which these presses operate only begins to scratch the surface when explaining their enduring popularity on the market. 
When compared to earlier B1 presses, the SRA1 is undoubtedly a step up in two main Categories: its production costs are far lower and it boasts of a smaller footprint than previous models. So what does this mean in real terms? It means securing a larger Share of profitability for businesses, regardless of run length; a combination of a less expensive plate, lower supplies costs, reduced energy costs and a single pressman operation, all translate to money saved, while space is saved with its more compact footprint. 

Evening the playing field for commercial businesses

The RMGT 9 Series has established itself as the smart choice for commercial printers who want to gain an edge over their competition and fight back against margin erosure over the last decade. An increase in digitalisation has led to a decline in demand from industries like banking and advertising; this, combined with rising power costs, has meant that printers have felt the pinch on their profit margins. 

But the good News is, the RMGT 9 Series SRA1 presses have helped them fight back. Not only is the eight-page pagination ideal for commercial printers specialising in brochures, catalogues or magazines because of its speed, but the LED-UV instant curing technology has helped massively too. It allows curing on all substrates, works more efficiently and requires far less power to operate at maximum capacity, with up to 40% saved on the 920 due to shorter makeready times and automated plate changing.

Printing heritage with DPM

Here at DPM, the RMGT 9 Series is exactly the type of machinery that we’re proud to put our Name to. Over the last two decades, we’ve forged an indelible reputation for excellence among our portfolio of global clients, and machines like this are the reason why. We take pride in putting our customers first and we ensure every machine that leaves our premises is working at optimum capacity with a series of rigorous testing. This ensures that the clients we serve and their business operations are never let down by the great machines we supply. 
If you’d like more information on the RMGT 9 series machines we stock and insight on how DPM can assist you, please email dpmwebenquirires@dpm.uk.com or Contact Us on 01959 569900.

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