One Year on: The coronavirus pandemic, how DPM has coped and why we can start being more optimistic

It is just over one Year since Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement that the UK would be locked down as the coronavirus pandemic shook the world.
The lockdown has forced companies across the globe to change the way they work, and DPM was no different.
As a global printing machinery supplier, the idea of not being able to travel was initially alien to us. Some would have seen it as a problem, but DPM has utilised technology such as Zoom to streamline our services. Our reputation is integral to providing quality services around the world, and the pandemic has not shifted our standing in the eyes of our customers.

Adaptations to our process

Through the likes of Zoom and Whatsapp, we have been able to carry out thorough printing machinery tests and inspections online. Where once we would have been on-site, we have used head cameras to give us point-of-view access as to what engineers are looking at when we have purchased a printing machine. We have taken extensive live videos and pictures to ensure our customers continue to benefit from constant high standards. We have remotely trained third-party engineers to dismantle and assemble printing machinery, ensuring the quality is at the level we need without any of our staff leaving the country. This process has helped us reinforce how important our links are with our partners, building on the superb levels of trust that we already enjoyed with them. Q&A sessions have also been held to ensure that everyone is on the right track. 

Moving forward to a world when global travel is allowed again, these systems implemented over the past Year will help us complement an even fuller and thorough service for our customers. The measures undertaken over the past Year have enhanced our inspection procedures and raised our dismantling and loading standards. 

How have our staff found it?

Like many companies all over the UK and beyond, the pandemic forced us to change the way we work. Some of our staff have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work from Home, and some are chomping at the bit to get back on-site.
Of course, we have supported all our staff through this difficult time, and we are now looking forward to coming out the Other side stronger.
With signs that countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China and Singapore are emerging from restrictions, as well as the UK, there is great reason to look to the future with renewed confidence.

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