Komori - Nearly 100 years of superior printing quality

Founded in 1923, Komori is a printing Manufacturer that is synonymous with reliability and innovation.
Its superior quality has seen Komori printing machines used the world over, which is why DPM is proud to buy and supply used Komori press printing machines.
With a great reputation in 82 countries across the globe, product feedback is constantly sought at the local level. By fulfilling this need, Komori has been able to stay ahead of the game by tailoring product development towards the individual needs of the companies in every country it does business in. 
The durability and lasting quality that comes with Komori offset sheet presses is what makes them so desirable. 
The ambition for Komori is to achieve what is known as Kando. This is a Japanese word to express deep satisfaction and excitement when you work with something that gives you outstanding value, quality and performance. The idea is to push beyond simple customer service, providing cultural, social and economic wellbeing to everywhere they conduct business. 

The Lithrone range

It was the Sprint models that first gave Komori its breakthrough into European markets in the 1970s. 
But the introduction of the Lithrone range gave Komori access to the high quality end of the market. 
Typical Features in the Komori Lithrone range include SAPC semi-automatic plate changing, print quality controls that give you flexibility and a unique Komorimatic dampening. This provides the highest quality printing operation that is easy to use and configured to your specific requirements. 
The L28 and L29 printing machines are particularly popular on the second-hand market. With used and refurbished five, six and eight colour models in our Lithrone GL and LS ranges, we have a wide range of choice to suit your needs.

Case Studies

DPM successfully sourced and shipped a Komori LS 440 SP Super-Perfector to the Oriental Group based in Dubai.
Sourced from a high-quality printing house in Germany, our Komori specialist engineers dismantled the machine, shipped the item to Jebel Ali Port in Dubai and offloaded the item via a crane and onto the Factory floor. The same technicians rebuilt the printing machine and commissioned it so that it was ready for printing.
The 2002 Komori LS640P was also successfully transported from a Printer in Marseille, France, and taken to Lisbon, Portugal. Once we sourced the printing machine, we brought it back to the UK to give it the DPM makeover treatment, meaning it was stripped right back and cleaned by hand. 
Using recovered Bottcher rollers, we also checked from the feeder to delivery to ensure there were no broken or worn parts.
After this extensive work, we safely transported the Komori LS640P to Lisbon.

DPM - Komori specialists

DPM goes above and beyond when it comes to refurbishing, repairing and installing Komori printing machines for our customers across the globe. 
You can purchase our Komori printing machinery range as they are or you can rely on our extensive refurbishment services. 
We are industry leaders when it comes to inspecting machinery and providing you with top-of-the-range Komori printing machinery that fulfils your specific requirements.
To find out more or to order your Komori printing press from DPM, Contact Us today. You can phone 0195 956 9900 or email dpmwebenquiries@dpm.uk.com

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