How DPM is navigating the worldwide materials shortage

As a Company that buys and sells Used Printing Machinery all over the world, DPM has always taken a firm interest in the fortunes of the global economy and issues that may affect ourselves and, most importantly, our valued customers.
Much has been said of the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges this has posed the world, including for DPM. We got through this problem through Zoom calls with clients and were able to carry on delivering high quality inspections and machinery tests online, as well as through training third-party engineers to deliver inspections that met our high standards.
With the world’s economy effectively shut down, there were always going to be pain points for every business across the globe in getting back to normal.

The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic

In Britain, we have experienced queues at petrol stations, rising inflation, and a general lack of materials for everyone.
In the print industry, lead times for new machines have stretched because of pressures in the supply chain for new equipment. 
Paper manufacturers are protecting materials and this will potentially have an impact for the print industry.
While some may be thinking it’s time to pack up and move into digital landscapes, DPM continues to provide unrivalled customer service and continues to deliver a high standard of products to all Our Clients.
A lack of containers means that one of the biggest impacts we have seen has been the ability to move machinery around Europe and in the UK.
We fill lots of used printing machines in containers from America to the Far East and the fact that the container market has had such a low amount of availability has driven prices up four, five, even six times higher than they were the pandemic. 
During the height of coronavirus, a lot of companies ran down their stock or supplies, so demand for the same materials have increased hugely now that countries are trying to get back to normal.
In order to meet the huge demand spike, some companies are picking up materials they wouldn’t normally have and this can have a knock-on effect on the supply chain if companies aren’t careful. 
This is why it is so important that we maintain our high standards - doing as much as we can not to pass on the rising costs to our customers.

The role of energy prices

You can double the impact if you factor in high energy prices. Transportation of materials and those bottom lines will be affected by it. 
Inflation is rising which is stemming the surge in demand and that follows a natural economic path. This effect is a part of austerity on a worldwide basis.
DPM is keeping everything rolling and we will continue to run a tight shop. There are different challenges and understanding those challenges is essential. 
We are very much in touch with what’s going on in this country and around the world and we always try to understand the pressures that Other people and companies have in their organisations.


Currency is an example where we are helping companies that we buy and sell from in Other countries. We are able to buy equipment in the currency of their choice, which means we can provide a real tangible benefit of doing business with us.
Some countries will face a real challenge in the upcoming months. For example, in Venezuela, the price dropped by About a third and the economy nosedived so a Company we were in business with Wanted to buy or sell in American dollars as this is seen as more of a trustworthy currency. We of course were happy to oblige.
These are the Types of ways DPM can do our bit to ensure that the Used Printing Machinery market can continue to thrive during these unprecedented times that the entire world is feeling at the moment.

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