DPM Cosmetic Services Showcase Intensive Hand-Cleaning of KBA Rapida 106

DPM offer a comprehensive cleaning, repainting and refurbishment service for your press. In recent years, this has become an increasingly important service.

“Over the last 8 or 9 years, we have noticed a greater emphasis on refurbishment. Printers are increasingly aware of the value of preventative maintenance. Intensive cleaning, exchanging of rollers, replacement of jackets, servicing of grippers and ancillaries prior to installation saves a tremendous amount of downtime later on, and ensures optimum performance for a longer period.”

Mark Sheldrick - Managing Director, DPM

The following photos are of a 2013 KBA Rapida 106, cleaned by hand and repainted in original KBA livery at the DPM refurbishment center. The new paintwork is colour-matched, using chemically-resistant paints to ensure a impressive and durable finish.

We purchased this press from a printing house in the UK. The press is now in production in Spain and looks magnificent.

All cleaning is by hand, with no dry-ice cleaning – this is harder work, but ensures that electrical components, seals and Other sensitive parts are not damaged during the cleaning process. This is particularly important with modern presses, with more sensitive electronic equipment. This press was equipped with DriveTronic SPC and Qualitronic – we had to make sure these vital systems were not damaged during the cleaning process.


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